We are wildland fire professionals: prescribed fire techs, fuels techs, hotshots, engine operators, FEMOs. The tasks we're called to do are as varied as our titles. The work we do is tough and it requires even tougher equipment. We joke about gear being "firefighter proof" and frankly, it rarely is. Until now, nobody has gone out of their way to really get into the nitty gritty of the gear. Sure, LE and military crowd have their gear sites and the backpacking crowd have their gear sites, but the work we do requires a little less door kicking and a little more than the needs of your standard lightweight AT thruhiker. We need something for us. That's where we come in: Wildland Fire Gear Reviews. We're dedicated to finding, reviewing, and cataloguing the best gear for the best job.
Nimrod Initial Attack Pack

Everybody needs a good pack. There are lots of different wildland packs, and like any tool, they have their plusses and minuses. Let’s take a look at the Nimrod Initial Attack Pack. The Good Spacious The IA pack fits just about everything you need. I can fit a hydration pack, my JetBoil Flash, my nomex […]

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Best Pants for Non-Fire Project Work: Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants

Not all work we do requires Nomex or other flame retardant clothing. Project work, whether prepping burn units, mechanical restoration or mitigation, or the like, poses many challenges in dynamic, harsh environments. Project work requires gear that works just as hard as on the fireline. Propper’s Lightweight Tactical Pant fit well, breathe well, and hold […]

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